I am a future guitar virtuoso. Music is only one of my interests. I have been creating graphics and programming for many years. I know so much about computers and programs, that I am the person everyone writes to with their problems or free IT and graphics orders. I get involved in projects very easily and I like challenges, so the idea of creating a blog seemed to be a very interesting initiative to me.

This blog is my springboard and an opportunity to preserve the wonderful moments of my life. It is a desire to share with you my knowledge, some news on the market, maybe even book reviews and other interesting facts.

I promote brands that I feel confident about. I always do my best to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the advertising content: the readers, the brand. Before you start browsing the content published on the blog I have some interesting information. For starters, I invite you to visit my Fanpage. There is a lot of news about what is happening on the blog. However, Facebook is not everything! I also invite you to my Instagram, where you will find snippets from my life.