Hey, my name is Adolphus Ward and I’m a bit of a lad from Essex in England. I am fond of my tech, cars, and healthy lifestyle. I focus on working hard and playing hard, so you will see me pulling some late hours in the office or in the club. In the time I have spare between all my hobbies, I run this site. It’s a bit of a personal project, and something I am proud to do so join me as I ramble on about various topics, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

I spend a lot of my time working in an office and then hanging out with my mates in the pubs after work and on the weekends. I am super sociable and can’t think of anything worse than spending the day inside doing nothing! I have to be seeing friends or driving in my car, or going to the gym or something to make the day that little bit more energetic and exciting. This blog is purely a project to share my advice and tips on the things that I love the most to hopefully boost someone else’s day and show them that they can achieve great things if they want!

Now just because I’m a bit of a lad I don’t want you to think that this page is going to be filled with lad culture, I am taking this very seriously and all advice is coming from my own personal knowledge so hopefully, they’ll be something for everyone. Even if we have different lifestyles I am hoping that we can come together in this blog and talk over something that we all enjoy and can relate to in some kind of way.

Thanks a lot for reading!