Do Car Badges Still Push People to Buy Cars?

We’ve all seen car badges awhile and we are amazed and a little bit angry some times that they are even still around.

They come in many different designs and styles today and the people that where so enthusiastic once upon a time are now just scoffing at them. They all say the same thing, which is that they are an easy way to identify your car so that you can identify your car later.

Car badges used to be a way to let people in on the secret so they wouldn’t have to drive around with a sticker on their car for the sole reason that other people were doing it. People could tell by the way they drove, their clothing, and the way they talked to you that there was a certain car in their area because of the badge on the car. That was something that made sense at the time and small businesses and roadside assistance calls were coming to mind.

Even Warranties are nodding their heads towards them like they are always saying that is the best time to replace your transmission.

What they are saying is “as soon as we get our hands on them we are going to replace our current ones and we are going to be a little more conservative with our warranty.” The main thing the car badge is doing is helping the customer be more informed.

Badges don’t have to make sense, but they allow people to be more informed.

Then they somehow forget to mention that they will be replacing the seal and not the fluid. Oh well, I just hope they do all right. I think all Australian manufactures should work on making them more durable, not less.

I really don’t get angry at anyone, it’s just that so many others are annoying. Like lots of people have cars, many have garages and various bits of infrastructure, they get confused with various things as they get older which is a shame.

age courtesy of the wonderful world that we live in. If we don’t know how to do something, we should ask someone how to do it. Car badges are starting to become quite necessary. They allow others to know about the car you drive and how it is running.

If you have never had a badge on your car, go to your local shop, authoriseshippy, gas station, auto parts store, auto parts rack, or wherever you purchase your parts. Ask for help, ask for advice, ask for opinions, and you can determine how to do so.

If you cannot find them, ask the folks in the auto shop, grill shop, etc. We know all the answers.

You can sign up to free list here (go to the home page and look on the left column). Type in free car badges and see what kinds of questions can be answered. This list is for information, as we learn things as we get them. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.